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You don’t have to settle for mediocre care. 

CareWell delivers a blend of exceptional care with unrivaled hospitality. We recruit skilled caregivers with a natural aptitude for compassion and train them to foster a warm, supportive environment for the client. In other words: Nothing but service, as they understand, they are at your home to serve.

Hiring a caregiver for an elderly loved one can be overwhelming—and daunting.


Many of us have heard stories about lackluster homecare from family, friends, and colleagues. You may envision a home health aide sitting silently in the corner, staring at their phone for their entire shift instead of actually engaging with or supporting the client. You may worry about a language barrier that makes it difficult for your loved one to communicate and get their needs met.

CareWell Concierge HomeCare

CareWell Concierge HomeCare has been delivering hospitality-centered homecare services for over 40 years. We offer a wide range of non-medical and skilled nursing services, bringing you exceptional caregivers dedicated to the well-being of your aging loved one.

Companions & Personal Care Aides | Certified nursing assistants

(CNA) | Licensed practical nurses (LPN) | Registered nurses (RN)

Our highest priority is finding the right caregiver for your unique situation, not the first person who meets your basic requirements. We look for compassionate, experienced caregivers and train them to cultivate a positive experience for your loved one while tending to their needs. We leverage the best practices of healthcare and hospitality together to deliver unmatched care for your loved ones and peace of mind for your family.

Assisting the Elder
Eldercare companion

Nurse Owned and Operated: Boutique HomeCare

Unlike many senior care agencies, CareWell is not a franchise. We are not bound by the rules of a vast and distant corporate enterprise.


We are a boutique homecare service, proudly nurse-owned and -operated. That means every decision is made by people who prioritize care and service over business. We never take a cookie cutter approach; instead, we remain nimble and prioritize the changing needs of our clients above all else.

Nurse Writing on Clipboard

A new approach to hiring home health care

For many families, the idea of hiring someone to care for their elderly loved one at home is daunting. Searching for and vetting the right person demands significant knowledge, time, and energy, which many family members don’t have. And if your loved one needs complex care, the challenge becomes even more significant.


Rest assured: It doesn’t have to be this way.


CareWell will relieve you of the stress and pressure of hiring the right caregiver for your loved one. We have over 40 years of experience in hiring, educating, training, and managing all facets of care in the home. Whether it is basic care or setting up a hospital-like environment in the home, we will find the caretaker with the right skills and dedication for your individual situation. You can trust us to ask the right questions and screen for the needed qualifications on your behalf.


Our work doesn’t stop there. CareWell has developed a highly specialized training program for every caregiver we hire, in which we teach additional critical skills, such as:

  • Hospitality best practices and the art of creating a positive experience for the client.

  • Pattern spotting to identify new, more significant needs as they arise.

  • How to anticipate the client’s needs on an emotional level.

  • How to be present with the client and not distracted by the TV or Phone.


The result is exceptional care for your loved one and peace of mind for you.



Every situation and every client calls for a different set of services and a different type of expertise. CareWell works closely with you to develop a custom profile of your needs and criteria so that we can find the right caregiver—or caregivers—for your loved one. This may include:


  • Companionship

  • Personal Care Aide

  • Assistance with daily activities

  • Medication management 

  • Post-surgery care

  • Meal preparation

  • Light housekeeping

  • Transportation and accompaniment to doctors' appointments 

  • Medical treatments carried out by RNs, LPNs, and CNAs

Senior Patient

HomeCare for those in need since 1978

CareWell continues the 40-plus-year legacy of Foley Nursing Agency. Over the past four decades, Foley has connected numerous caregivers with families across NYC, the Hamptons, and the surrounding areas. 


Today, CareWell is led by Ed Abel, a registered nurse with extensive hands-on care experience and a profound dedication to providing exceptional care. Under his guidance, we continue to uphold the values that have defined the agency for the past 40 years.

Eldercare Nurse

Get in Touch

If you’d like to learn more about what CareWell does and how we can help you, talk to a member of our team at 212.794.9666 or email us at

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