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Care Management Services

In addition to our caregiver recruitment and placement services, CareWell offers a range of additional senior care management services. Our goal is to relieve you of your overwhelm by taking over the tasks you find most challenging. Whether you need medical interpretation, someone to oversee changes to your loved one’s home, help with transportation logistics, or some other type of support, you can count on CareWell.


Below is an overview of our many services.

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Development of a Plan

We conduct full assessments and develop comprehensive care plans for aging individuals, working with both family and medical professionals to gather every detail we need. Our goal is to help you navigate the years ahead with grace and purpose, honoring your loved one’s sense of self and minimizing stress for everyone.


Family Communication Management

CareWell can set up secure, HIPAA-compliant communications channels that make it easy for every member of the family to stay informed without becoming overwhelmed.


Medical Interpretation

You don’t need to become fluent in medical jargon to understand your loved one’s needs. CareWell can serve as your medical interpreter and help you understand every detail.


Technology Management

CareWell can help you leverage technology to protect your loved one’s safety and wellbeing. We can set up security features on their accounts and devices to protect them from scams and leverage wearable devices, cameras, and alarms to keep them safe, especially if they’re prone to wandering or falls.


Care Coordination

Our team marshals our wealth of managerial, medical, and communication expertise to coordinate everything from home safety upgrades and medical appointments to sensitive communications with family members.


Nutritional Management

CareWell can coordinate nutritionists, chefs, and other professionals to ensure your loved one is eating well and getting the nutrition they need.


Enhanced Mobility & Safety Construction

CareWell can coordinate with contractors to make safety and accessibility changes to the client’s home, such as wider hallways, walk-in showers, and grab bars.


Spiritual & Religious Community Participation 

We’ll take charge of getting your loved one to and from their place of worship so they can remain active in their faith. We can also coordinate home visits with religious and spiritual leaders if travel is no longer an option.


Estate (Home) Management

Managing the basic maintenance and upkeep of a home can be challenging for someone who is aging in place. CareWell can take over the management of all those details, from changing the lightbulbs to cutting the grass.


Dementia Care Coordination & Management

CareWell is fully qualified to manage the complex needs of a client with memory loss. You can trust us to treat your loved one with compassion and pay close attention to changes in their condition, no matter how small, so we advise you on next steps.


Development of Social Engagement Activities

We can ensure your loved one stays engaged and fulfilled by managing their social life and facilitating opportunities for them to build and maintain friendships.


Appointment Logistics

Say goodbye to the constant overwhelm of scheduling and attending medical appointments for a loved one with complex needs. We’ll handle transportation, accompany the client to the appointment, keep notes on everything the doctor says, and keep you apprised of every detail.


Assisted Living Vetting & Ongoing Support

When the time comes to transition to assisted living or nursing care, choosing the right facility can be overwhelming. Our team knows exactly what to look for when assessing care facilities for quality, so we can help you identify the best options. We’ll even manage the transition for you, so you can focus on your loved one. We also conduct regular visits and assessments to ensure that they are receiving quality care.


Complete Care Management

When a family member begins to show signs of decline, the road ahead can be overwhelming. CareWell knows exactly what to expect, so we can be proactive, help you prepare for every milestone, and protect your loved one from unnecessary discomfort.



To learn more about these services and discuss next steps, talk to a member of our team at 212.794.9666, or email us at

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To learn more about these services and discuss next steps, talk to a member of our team at 212.794.9666, or email us at

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