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How We Work

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The CareWell Difference

Imagine spending the night at the local Hotel. The receptionist is friendly enough, but his phone is on the counter next to him, and he’s clearly distracted when the screen lights up with a notification. It takes him a minute to find your reservation and hand over your card. He tells you, in a rush, when breakfast is served and points vaguely in the direction of the pool, though the smell of chlorine is easy enough to follow. He then picks up his phone, ending the interaction and leaving you to haul your bags to the elevator yourself.


The room is clean, if a little uninspiring from a decor perspective, and the plastic-wrapped remote control isn’t doing much for the ambience. But it’ll do. At bedtime, you realize you need another pillow. You call down to ask for one and wait nearly an hour before someone arrives. Between the late hour and the glare of the streetlight through a gap in your curtains that simply won’t close, you’re prepared for a night of suboptimal sleep.


The next morning, it takes a minute to hunt down your newspaper of choice, which you read over a decidedly unremarkable breakfast and mediocre coffee. You leave the hotel feeling underwhelmed—and promptly forget the entire experience. This hotel is unlikely to see you again.


Now imagine if you’d spent that night at the Ritz Carlton. You enter a beautifully decorated, peaceful lobby and are greeted by an attentive receptionist—no iPhone in sight. You’ve stayed here before, so he already knows you like an extra pillow and confirms that it’s waiting for you in the room. He also asks when you’d like your exact coffee order and preferred newspaper, which he has on file, delivered to the room in the morning. As soon as your room key is in your hand, a bellhop appears, loads your bags onto a cart, and leads you directly to your room. Along the way, he shows you exactly where to find the spa and the gym.


You find today’s newspaper, a snack, and a glass of your favorite wine waiting for you in your room. As you’re getting settled, someone calls from downstairs to ask if you’d like to make reservations for spa treatments or meals during your stay. You arrange to meet a friend for dinner at the restaurant and enjoy an immaculate meal together without having to brave the city straights or hail a cab. Back in your room, thanks to your extra pillow and the room’s custom blackout curtains, you fall asleep immediately.


The next morning, your coffee and newspaper arrive exactly on time, and you take a moment to enjoy both, along with the beautiful view from your window, before making your way downstairs for breakfast. You enjoy a fresh meal, prepared exactly to your tastes, while a bellhop brings your bags back downstairs. You’re sent on your way with an extra snack and encouragement to come back soon—which you will.

It’s not just about the extra pillow.

You don’t need to go to the Ritz Carlton for a decent night’s sleep. But there’s a reason why we choose Bergdorf’s over Walmart, Chez Panisse over Olive Garden, and Cartier over Macy’s: Experience matters.


CareWell recognizes that in-home senior care values both skills and hospitality. We don't simply select the initial candidate capable of offering companion care or an RN proficient in IV administration and bandage changing. We focus on identifying home healthcare experts with a flair for compassion, kindness, and service. Through training, we nurture their ability to create a reassuring experience that brings comfort to both the client and their family. When you choose CareWell to match you or your loved one with the ideal caregiver, rest assured we'll connect you with someone who will:

  • Provide high-caliber care on par with what you’d expect at an award-winning hospital.

  • Remain alert to the client so they can recognize any changes or signs that their needs have changed.

  • Stay engaged throughout their work shift so the client feels safe and cared for.

We don’t just screen for skills and service. We also vet the personality of every professional we meet with to determine whether they’re a good match for the client. Rest assured, with our reputation on the line at every care opportunity, we will ensure they match our company's reputation as a leader in providing caring caregivers who serve. We understand that clients are more honest and open about their needs with someone they like and trust, so we strive to pair up clients and caregivers who can connect and develop a strong relationship.


You don’t need to compromise on quality of care for your loved one. You can trust CareWell to find a skilled, trustworthy caregiver with the right temperament for your family.


To learn more about our values and our strategy, talk to a member of the CareWell team 212-794-9666 

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