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Medical Care

In-home medical care ranges from a certified nursing assistant (CNA) to a highly skilled, registered nurse (RN). In some cases, hiring in-home medical care means the client can stay at home, instead of being admitted to a healthcare facility. You can trust CareWell to hire the right person for your situation and train them to go above and beyond your expectations.

Registered Nurse (RN)

An RN is a highly skilled care provider who can carry out many different home care services and procedures. This may include managing chest tubes, feeding tubes, catheters, ostomies, and medications, including intravenous medications. RNs can also care for wounds and support rehabilitation after surgery or injury.


A high-tech RN is a step above an RN. High-tech RNs provide care for clients who have complex needs, are medically fragile, or depend on medical technology. High-tech RNs are ideal for clients who rely on mechanical ventilation, have received a tracheotomy, are taking intravenous drugs, or need very frequent care to monitor a complicated condition.

Blood Pressure Exam

Licensed Professional Nurse (LPN)

An LPN has many of the same skills as an RN: he or she can administer medications and treatments, collect samples, take vitals, and keep the client comfortable. However, they tend to be more task-oriented. In other words, an LPN will perform all the care tasks outlined in a treatment plan, but an MD, RN, or Nurse Practitioner will create the treatment plan. 

Medical Consultation

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

While the work of a CNA is not technically considered “skilled nursing,” these professionals are qualified for a wide range of important care tasks. CNAs can handle some medical care activities, such as wound care, monitoring of vitals, and assistance with medical procedures. Still, they’re also trained for daily care: grooming, feeding, bathing, and helping clients turn over in bed or move from one room to another.

Taking a Shower

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